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Why Ordinary Things Matter--My Messy Beautiful

I held the sticky note in my hand, suddenly feeling awkward. Moments before, I knew exactly how I was going to answer the “… is a warrior because …” sentence. But my mind’s eye quickly filled with the faces of people I knew who are doing hard things, people who were, in the lingo of Momastery, warriors.

I thought of friends and family who survived cancer and the punishing rounds of treatment. I thought of those who must muster the strength to fight emotional and bureaucratic skirmishes to support their kids with special needs. I thought of those who have confronted failure, in whatever form, and endured.

But not everyone is engaged in dramatic public combat in what Glennon calls this “messy beautiful life.”

From our own difficult moments, we all know that it’s not just the big public battles that wear us down—it’s also the daily conflicts of everyday life that so often leave our souls frayed.

But we all have the power to mend ourselves and others. As I looked at the bulletin board filled with completed “warrior” notes, I thought of how many people I admired for the most ordinary of reasons. The friend who is unfailingly kind. The teacher who is seemingly unflappable. The non-athlete who keeps lacing up her shoes to get outside. Simple things, yes, but ones with surprising steadying power on those around them. And I clearly could not fit all their names on one sticky note.

Carry on, warriors.

Me and my friend at Barnes and Noble. By the way, she is a warrior because she is incredibly warm and welcoming to other moms.


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Reader Comments (1)

Alison! I had no idea you are a writer - and such a talented one at that! I love what you've got going here and on your professional site (found you via pinterest). AWESOME! You rock and are a warrior - mighty with her pen!

June 18, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterPatty

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