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Power of Advertising

The Little Supervisor sounded horrified.

“Mommy!” she exclaimed in the kitchen. “You don’t need to buy baby food at the store!”

“Uh-huhmmm,” I responded, only half-listening over my coffee and newspaper.

“You need the Baby Bullet!”

[Insert eye-widening, mouth-dropping expression now.]

Yes, my 5-year-old daughter has decided that canned baby food—organic canned baby food, mind you—is not good enough for her baby sister and that I just need to get off my duff and start peeling and roasting and boiling and pureeing fruits and veggies of all varieties for the Pterodactyl’s meals.


Kilroy the Pterodactyl was here.

(And mothers today think that their big problem is the media. Forget the media—it’s our OWN SPAWN who expect us to be SuperMom. Or maybe the real problem is the commercials that they run on Sprout. Because I apparently also need Old Navy jeans and ProActiv, according to you-know-who.)

It’s not just her baby sister’s nutrition that the Little Supervisor is concerned about. She also believes that the Cyclist and I are neglecting the Pterodactyl’s intellectual development.

 “Mommy, her need the ‘Baby Can Read’ flashcards. Her need them.”

Never mind that the Little Supervisor, raised on a literary diet of Richard Scarry, Beatrix Potter, Curious George, and “Bad Dog, Marley!”, seems to have developed her vocabulary* and communication skills just fine without said flashcards.

The Pterodactyl, though—her need them.

We don’t call her big sister the "Little Supervisor" for nothing.

*While the Little Supervisor seems to have no problem with drawing on an extensive vocabulary ("camouflage" is one of her favorites) and using adverbs correctly, pronouns seem to elude her. What I should really be asking Dr. Google about is “Your Preschooler Can Diagram Sentences” flashcards.


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