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Metalwork and Remembery: Amy Ambroult of AG Ambroult 

A piece of jewelry by Amy Ambroult.

I discovered Amy Ambroult’s jewelry at my sister’s wedding, when I opened a hand-papered box to find a necklace with a silver pendant, its circle shape lightened with cutouts and a gemstone the color of sea glass, with earrings to match. Her friend Amy made jewelry, and she had created this set.

I was touched by my sister’s thoughtful gift and delighted by the jewelry itself, which was simple, distinctive, and clearly not mass-manufactured.

Since then, my AG Ambroult collection work has grown by a necklace and a bookmark (thanks, Seestar!) and perhaps one day, a Remembery capsule, which would be such a perfect 10th anniversary gift.  (Just in case The Cyclist needs any ideas….) I’ve also become a reader of Amy’s blog, which covers not only her jewelry-making, but also her crafty and culinary adventures with her family. My personal favorite? Her post on the Star Wars Amigurumi that she made. Just imagine a tiny Yoda, Luke, Han, and Princess Leia, all in crochet.

“I’m never just watching TV,” she says. “I’m always doing the crossword or working on a pair of mittens.”

A former graphic designer, Amy started designing jewelry in 2005 after she finished a metalsmithing class. “I just remembered how much I loved it,” she says and soon set up a workshop in her basement, where she hammers and solders silver, copper, and gold into earrings, rings, necklaces, bookmarks and more. “I really enjoy the tactile and physical aspects of it,” she says. “As a graphic designer, I would sit in front of a computer all day. When you’re hammering, you put your whole body into it.”

Amy's metal bookmarks are some of the most popular items in her Etsy shop.

When she’s not in her workshop, Amy is often on an adventure with her two daughters, now 5 and 7. “I’m constantly looking for inspiration and ideas,” she says. “Trying a new recipe or going hiking with the girls—it’s all R&D” for her creative metalwork, which she sells on Etsy and in a handful of shops and galleries.

Her most ambitious offering must be the Remembery capsule. At $120, it’s probably not an impulse buy for the casual Web surfer, but then again, the Remembery capsule is not intended as such. Instead, this miniature copper cylinder is essentially a tiny time capsule, with customized metal disks that commemorate special days, places, or people—whatever a customer might want.

Amy made this Remembery capsule for my sister and brother-in-law.

I think it’s an extraordinary piece. One of the Remembery examples pictured in Amy’s Etsy shop was actually made for my sister as wedding gift, with disks that celebrate significant dates and places in her and her husband’s lives: their birthdays and hometowns, places they’ve lived, and of course their wedding day in Snowville, N.H. Topographical map centers tie in with my sister’s wedding invitations, which alluded to her and my brother-in-law's love of hiking (and mountaintop proposal) with topographical map illustrations on the invite’s cover.

I can’t wait to see what comes out of Amy's sketchbook next.

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Reader Comments (1)

thanks for this post. amy is an amazing designer and i have a ring with this same kind of gemstone. i *adore* it and pretty much all of what she does. it has soul and creativity and is . . . well . . . compelling.

April 9, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterlouisa

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